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“ In politics, money is speech. ”

Robert J. Samuelson (via thesmithian)

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Sensualscaping stairs in the Clapham House, London by Atmos Studio.


Sensualscaping stairs in the Clapham House, London by Atmos Studio.

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he didn’t make it.. photo by brick.

he didn’t make it.. photo by brick.

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photo by brick

photo by brick

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photo by t

photo by t

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Zane chats to Earl Sweatshirt about the Wearld Tour, bacon, banjos and going back into the studio to make a new album.

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the fact that congressional republicans literally mock and politicize climate change and no one seems to care blows my mind. theres no longer an argument. there isn’t 2 sides to facts. maybe its because i have a 6 year old that has to live thru their ignorance but fck. i can’t even read this shit anymore, its embarrassing. old, rich, disconnected, uninformed, overly religious, white, lizard people run everything and control the narrative… and most people just drink the kool aid while they get richer…. its a joke… ok sorry im done.

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Humphead Wrasse in the Great Barrier Reef. Photo by William Cote [2048x1536]http://living-planet.tumblr.com/


Humphead Wrasse in the Great Barrier Reef. Photo by William Cote [2048x1536]

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"we don’t see things as they are; we see them as we are." — anais nin

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tyler had a punk rock moment at the converse/thrasher show at sxsw. however the energy and intent of that show was not anger or aggression.. kumbaya? of course not.  but this simply isn’t as its being portrayed. no one was hurt. u likely don’t believe me (i get it..) find the whole show on you tube.. just seeing an edited 7 seconds of kids running/walking in doesn’t exactly sum it up. his shows are much more of a positive release than a build up of aggression.. (not unlike how rage against the machine or metallica shows were therapy for me when i was growing up..) everyone was happy after the show. zero bad energy backstage. as his manager no one came up to me regarding the “incident.” 

i understand how easy it is to paint tyler as a bad guy.. i honestly do.. but as someone who has spent a whole lot of time around him i can only say dig deeper. ask his fans. ask his friends. ask my daughter. this is a guy who has never had a drink or drug in his life. this is a guy who is building his own businesses and challenging the old ones. offensive? maybe, depending on where you are standing but only on the surface. google can give u plenty of things to be offended by but if u dig it disappears. shit you might even be inspired.  if nothing else ud at least have another perspective even if u disagree with his approach.. im not here to defend every move tyler makes, but i will stand by him and defend his character because i know him, the context, and have witnessed the growth. 
those who are combining this with a incredibly serious tragedy that happened the night prior are off base and our hearts go out to those who were injured and their families. tyler was not at the venue and received the info of what happened like everyone did.. in shock.. we all quietly had our own individual way of dealing with the heaviness of it all. thats not something you process quickly.